This are the tools we use to help customers out when they have junk or other littel bugger.

Important Notice:

Please understand that this tools have been used by a lot of techs, but there are techs if something goes wrong they will usually fix the issue if you never have repairs or re-imaged a computer, this is tools are used under your own risk, some malware get stuck in system 32 and registry’s if you take them out your system can stop working, when you click on my tools or solutions there are free for you and you alone, PCA Technology Inc is not held liable for any damage on your computer or software in general that you the end user can make. This tool is not from PCA Technology Inc at all but there are free and the links are connected with the developers.

Tools that work

AdwRemoval: This program is great to remove adware that we download without our knowledge. 

Rkill: This program is great when you have malware running in the back ground it will stop the service and program and let you run other tools.

Rogue Killer: This program is a anti-malware and rootkit searches the bad programs and remove them.

JRT (Junk Removal Tool): This program cleans all the junk from all your browsers and registry’s its great.

The PC Decrapifier: This program its community base so if you have programs that the community thinks its bad it will help you remove all the programs that you don’t want.

Malwarebytes: Its a great anti-malware and will destroy any, its a great software the only down side is that the free version you have to run it the paid version protects you 24/7

AutoRuns: This will screw your OS if not handled with care, it gives you a list of services and registry, that auto run you can delete them from the auto run in windows but be very careful your OS can Stop Booting up.